The Eagle

This is a web site dedicated to Roy M. Kronk.  We celebrate him and his birthday on January 22.  Roy is the meter reader who discovered the remains of missing Orlando child Caylee Marie Anthony.  Undoubtedly, Roy's former work as a bounty hunter informed the manner in which he scouted and surveilled the Suburban Drive site fifteen houses from the Anthony home.   He is equipped with keen sight and instincts.  Like all of Orlando, he knew the child was missing and in all the months of summer had not been found.  He thought the overgrown bog marred with trash was a likely place to dispose of a small body.  He was correct and when he came upon a suspicious sack he phoned 911.  Follow-up was disappointing but he called again on two successive days only to have his find dismissed by a deputy now under investigation and removed from patrol.  On December 11, the world learned that unmistakable human remains had been uncovered.  This time, Roy Kronk got results.

If I know my Aquarians, Mr. Kronk is uninterested in astrology but he was born under a special star, Altair, the brightest or Alpha Aquila in the constellation of The Eagle.  In fact, three of his planets including his Sun were radiated by The Eagle.  He has even more planets in Aquarius.  For months, thousands of concerned citizens had been trying to locate Caylee Anthony.  I was somewhat educated and pacified by an astronomy card that my card deck spit out.  It was the constellation Aquila, Latin for the eagle.  I put my hopes and prayers on The Eagle and he came through, thank God and his multiple efforts.  I wish to pay tribute to Roy Kronk and to salute his natal anniversary and to wish him many, many returns.  Happy Birthday, Roy!

Jupiter transiting Aquarius this year, 2009, has blessed Roy Kronk with some good luck.  He has wanted to make a transfer to working inventory at the Orange County warehouse and he was appointed to that job following his birthday.  Congratulations, Mr. Kronk.  We are forever grateful and appreciatvie of your part in solving this blasted crime and always, always wish you the best!  We continue to follow developments and to refresh your news.  Thank you once more, Roy M. Kronk.




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